The Equity Toolkit is for people interested in the process of equity analysis. It’s come about for two reasons.

Firstly, to satisfy my personal curiosity. I’ve been fascinated by the process of investment analysis for the last 20 years and in writing down my thoughts I’m able to organise some of the stuff I do know and improve my understanding of the stuff I don’t.

Secondly, I’m regularly asked either specific questions on analysis or to recommend some good reading on the topic. Whilst there’s plenty of great books available, many of which are required reading, simply providing a reading list seemed insufficient to the task at hand.  In some cases the books deal only with a narrow field of investment theory or analysis. In others, the books were a great analysis of a related discipline (psychology, systems, risk etc), but did not specifically relate that knowledge to investment analysis. In others, the authors were too focused on pushing a particular view or philosophy that has worked for them. It was difficult to identify a book (or even a small set of books) that would enable analysts to not only understand the issue at hand, but to integrate that thinking into an analytical framework that would suit their particular circumstance.

This website hopes to address that issue. Partly by providing a central repository of much of this knowledge, but more importantly by trying to bridge the gap between financial theory and investment practice. In essence, the aim is to illuminate a process of analysis, so that each analyst can develop not only their own analytical framework, but also an investment process suited to their skills, resources and career.

If you haven’t already, you can read more about The Equity Toolkit here…

About Me

I’ve been an equity market analyst for 20+ years.  After working in big broking and then co-founding an independent research firm, I started the Equity Toolkit to help develop my own investing framework.  I remain an active investor, trying to eat as much of my own investment cooking as I can.

Important Disclaimers

This website is about the process of analysis. It does NOT offer any actual or implied recommendation of investment advice about particular securities. Any specific company examples that are discussed are likely to be both out of date and involve a narrow focus on particular aspects relevant to that discussion. For both these reasons, these discussions should not be interpreted as investment views.  In addition, I regularly buy and sell stocks for my own account and in conjunction with other private investors.  Your interpretation of any specific example in this website may be inconsistent with the ultimate investment decision that I or my business colleagues take or have taken in relation to any of these investments.