The Equity Toolkit began as a way of organising some of the stuff I know about equity analysis whilst helping improve my understanding of the stuff I don’t.  At present the latter probably dominates the former, so the website remains a work in progress. There is plenty to add as we go along, but hopefully the bones of the structure are in place.

The aim of the website is to organise investment theories and anecdotes in a way that makes it easier for investors to build a personal investment framework.  You can read more about this here.

The core of this organisation is the eight Frames, each of which represents a different way of looking at the investment analysis problem.  Each frame has its own tools and processes, its own strengths and weaknesses.  The aim of a good investment framework is learning how to incorporate these different points of view.  

These Frames will act as the placeholders for new ideas as we add them to the website.  The Blog and Twitter will be used to integrate these ideas and provide practical examples.  Every so often we’ll also provide updates via email.

A reminder that this website is about process not recommendations.  If it’s stock tips you are after, look elsewhere.  If its building your investment process, then thanks for joining us on the journey.

If you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you.